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Unlike employment law based on the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution,which only applies to government employees,the principles in this essay are applicable to employees,even employees of for-profit and non-profit organizations.

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Although Mr. Spencer is a general practitioner, the emphasis of the Spencer Law Firm, which includes an excellent well-trained staff of paralegals, secretaries and investigators, is to help the injured, disabled and those wrongfully injured or killed as a result of negligence or defective products or processes. Mr. Spencer has been very successful in his practice since the firm was established in 1975. But you are invited to read the articles written about him published in the Arkansas Trial Lawyer's Association's magazine, The Docket, as well as read just a few of the articles he has published and make up your own mind independently of what others say. Most importantly, you are invited to read just a few of the Arkansas Supreme Court, Arkansas Court of Appeals, United States District Court and United States 8th Circuit Court of Appeals decisions where because of his stubborn refusal to allow what he perceived as an injustice, he has successfully represented his clients on appeal.

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Contributory fault: including common law contributory negligence and last clear chance, and the various forms of comparative negligence 2.

It is important, though, that, in some sense difficult for me to stateprecisely, the circumstances at issue were not purposely or negligentlycontrived to make bad laws or bad acts be necessary. For example,President Kennedy once said that when those in power make peaceful revolutionimpossible they make violent revolution inevitable. If so, it would bejust as wrong for those who want change to occur, to reject governmentproposals that would bring it about peacefully just so that violence becomesnecessary. If one knowingly and unnecessarily fosters bad circumstancesthat will make remedy for them have to be the best of a bunch of bad options,one cannot claim the high moral ground by then exercising that bad optionwhich is best under those circumstances. One should not have createdthe conditions or circumstances that required the bad remedy in the firstplace. ()

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Myers,which was discussed in my essay onof government employees,except that Myers sued under federal law and Lindamood sued undera state whistleblower protection statute.

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Research indicates that differences in mean scores among racial andethnic groups correspond closely to differences in those groups' mean LSATscores, law school grade point averages, and scores on other measures of abilityto practice law, such as bar examination essay scores or performance testscores.