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That huge evaporator array, sitting in the sunlight, taking heat from the environment, introduced parameters never before encountered in the refrigeration world, and new science and practice had to be developed. For instance, in refrigeration training, the rule of thumb was that a system could process about 12,000 BTUs of heat for every horsepower of refrigeration pump used. The pressures generated by the LamCo-style panels were much higher than a standard heat pump or refrigeration application, so the LamCo-style systems often delivered about 25,000 BTUs per horsepower, which refrigeration textbooks said was impossible. Refrigeration mechanics and engineers had to flush that information from their minds, and many could not do it. Dennis did not have those limitations of education.

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Traditional vocational training in public high schools is gradually declining, stranding thousands of young people who seek training for a craft without going to college. Colleges, for their part, have since 1985 graduated fewer chemical, mechanical, industrial and metallurgical engineers, partly in response to the reduced role of manufacturing, a big employer of them.

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This essay is ancillary to this site’s and its "" essay, and will chronicle what may be the most sustained effort ever made to bring alternative energy to the American marketplace. I also participated in it, and the man who led the effort has been slandered, libeled, or ignored ever since, and the record needs to set the straight, for not only posterity’s sake, but if humanity is to , people need to understand how today’s world really works. The final chapter of Dennis Lee’s adventures has yet to be written, because he is still at it, even after spending a and being . Whatever the heroism or failings of Dennis may be, we are responsible for how today’s world works.