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The people outside of my family that influenced me in my life are my teachers. In school i would slack of or go to sleep in class and always get in trouble until the teachers pulled me to the side. One teacher was named Ms. Kornberg, she was a science teacher and influenced me to stop my bad habits or i would end up poor and not going to college. I want to go to college when im older so i have to stay on track and persevere through life’s feats. Also my friends have helped me in life by giving me vital information on how to act in school. They told me to look up to the person who had the highest grades in school and try to achieve greater than that person. My peers in school that where getting in trouble and doing bad have ad a negative effect on me because i chose to hang out with them just to be cool, but i wasn’t getting any where in life. a friend is a person that has your back and those aren’t friends. To conclude what i have said today i just wanted to tell everyone how my life was changed by my teacher and friends that had my back.

Essay teacher has influenced your life Essay teacher has influenced your life

My 10th grade math teacher has inspired me. Before 10th grade math was been a struggle for me, she has made study books, and always asks if I need help. The way that she teachers her class seems to click with me and I understand the topics more than I ever had. She is always there for her students not just with math but in life, you can tell she does what she loves. My teacher always congratulates you when you get a good grade on a test or quiz and always makes you feel good about yourself. If you do poorly on a test she will often give you another change to help improve your grade. When she comes into class she is never in a bad mood like other teachers sometimes are, she always asks how your day is and tells you to keep up the good work.

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I thought I should know him better than anyone else and that my teaching and preaching methods about life are the best suited for him. How wrong I was! Although I often told him before that he has to love himself
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with your trainers, of course. One of Jerome’s coaches, Desmond, called the other night to check on Jerome’s progress. I told him that I noticed his enthusiasm waning. Any suggestions from you how to stop it from waning further?