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He goes through a lot of brave actions to get his son back.
The Sidekick
Dory helps Marlin and goes along with him on his "adventure" to get Nemo back, making her the sidekick/loyal friend in this film.
The "Wise Old Man"
Crush is the wise old man because he gives both Marlin and Dory a lot of advice on their trip and helps them with the task throughout the plot.
The Enemy
Darla is the enemy, she has a habit of killing all of the fish she gets from her dad, so it becomes part of the task to protect Nemo from her and get her home, and she stands in the way of getting Nemo home.
Friendly "Monster"
Gill comes off as unfriendly and cold in the beginning, but then we soon realize that he is on Nemo's side and is willing to help him get home to his family.
The Plot
Marlin has a task to get his son back, and he meets a friend along the way, but eventually gets his son back and returns home to live happily ever after.
Finding Good in Evil
In an archetypal situation, Marlin and Dory are surrounded by darkness (evil) and they see a light, which leads them to find a mask that will help them find where Nemo is.
The Friendship
Marlin and Dory argue a lot and Marlin claims that she shouldn't help him because they just can't get along, and in the end they end up becoming very close friends, which happens in a lot of plots.
The Archetypal Ending
Nemo returns home safely, with the help of many new friends made along the way, and he is reunited with his father and their new friends, solving all of the conflicts.

The anemone gets a free ride to places in which it can find new sources of food.

“Finding Nemo” is a movie that explores the natural phobia of losing a loved one and the adventure of self-discovery that permits Marlin to overcome his phobias.

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‘Finding Nemo’ released in 2003 made more than $920 million at the box office.

During Marlin’s journey he comes across many new and scary things, but like any good children’s movie Marlin does eventually find his son Nemo and they go back home and live happily ever after.