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Some see her as "a sage of women's education", "China's first feminist", an "outstanding female intellectual", and "the world's first female historian." Others see her as a supporter of male superiority within traditional Confucian society and argue that Chinese women have long tasted the bitterness of life because of her promotion of male superiority.

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The World Bank alone has granted one billion US dollars of loans to support various projects of educational development, while the other international organizations have provided financial aids to various educational projects aggregating to 100 million US dollars.

In recent years, institutions, organizations and individuals in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have made many contributions to the mainland educational undertakings, and educational exchanges and cooperation have gradually expanded between institutions and organizations in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and those on the mainland.

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The overall level of educational development in China is still comparatively backward, as China is a country with a large population and there are large regional disparities in economic and cultural development.

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Since the Imperial examinations were abolished in 1905, the emphasis in China has swung sharply away from the Confucian classics, and from literature and philosophy in general. After 1949, education was slanted heavily towards science as China strove to catch up with the rest of the world. The , with its condemnation of the “Four Olds”, saw efforts to stamp out Confucian thought completely. Now, it is generally acknowledged that the educational pendulum swung too far away from literature, and efforts are being made to allow students a choice of exam curriculum, enabling specialisation in literature and the arts once more.

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In 1993, the Chinese government promulgated the Guidelines for the Reform and Development of Education in China, which sets important goals for all sectors of education.

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There is still a long way to go for China to have her educational undertakings to fully meet the needs of economic and social development and the aspirations of her youth to receive education at the upper secondary and tertiary levels.

As science and technology in present day develops rapidly, the worldwide competition in economy, science and technology is becoming increasingly intense and poses a stern challenge to education.

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The transition rates of graduates of primary, junior secondary and general senior secondary schools to the next higher level educational institutions are important indicators of educational development in China.

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Such a shift in priority is more effective in enhancing the capability of educational provision of the recipient country and is highly appreciated by the foreign governments concerned.

Over the past ten-odd years, both bilateral and multi-lateral educational aid programs providing assistance to Chinese institutions and educational programs have been conducted successfully.

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In the past year, our universities and colleges invited more than 12,000 foreign experts or teachers to give lectures or work in China, and regular HEIs directly under the Ministry of Education alone sent 2,099 scholars to attend 1,316 international conferences and hosted 96 international conferences attended by more than 3,000 scholars coming from outside China.