Intelligent races who are not EARTH HUMANS

The Comte speaks of superior beings called Elementals who inhabit a parallel reality normally invisible to our senses. These beings look human and some are said to be very attractive. They are also highly intellectual and look down upon human ignorance. Their lifespan is several centuries.

Do Aliens Live Underground? - Golden Age of Gaia

Indeed the article is about a method that can help all of us in a time when desperate helplessness and barbaric chaos rules.
There is a group of people, or a nation that on the merit of their unique predecessors possesses a special practical method that can change an instinctive, self-destructive “humanoid” to a real Human Being capable of acting above instincts, capable of researching and attaining the reality we exist in in order to adapt to it seamlessly.

Did we actually dress like that

In the event there is someone who might say, “These are all drawings or alleged photos

First, although Palestinians are Semitic, anti-Semitism means being anti-Jewish generally or, in an individual case, unfairly. Secondly, Zionism means a love of Zion religiously, historically or culturally and the most it implies politically is the desire that there should be a sanctuary for those of the Jewish religion, nation or race. This seems to be a fairly harmless “ism”. Anti-Zionists, however, take the opposite view and there have historically been many Jews, who do not accept the secular State of Israel as a realisation of this ideal.