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That rather depends how reliable my computer is at the moment. For many readers of this blog (and Wired), sure, we don't want people messing with our silicon unless we know about it and approve. But most users already lack control of "what it does, and how the various software components interact" - they quite rightly choose not to spend months learning how to do that.

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To conclude, after analysing the advantages and disadvantages of playing computer games it is not hard to see that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. In my opinion, parents should restrict the amount of time their children spend in front of the computers. That said, there is no harm in playing a game or two every now and then, but addiction is definitely a problem.

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When I signed up for SBC/Yahoo DSL, it was clear that they felt they owned my computer. During the installation, they disabled my Google Toolbar, installed and enabled the Yahoo Toolbar, changed my Home Page, and probably much more. All I wanted was high-speed internet, but I also got a Yahoo takeover of my computer.

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1. Normal consumers -- in the home or in business -- choose their computers and software on the basis of advertising, not what infosec cognoscenti write in blogs. TV and magazine ads depicting happy families protected from the pedophile-riddled Internet trump concerned technical articles about privacy every time.

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My thought exactly. We know that the government engages in "stress tests" of the financial system and the banking industry. So it would be expected that they would do the same thing with the internet. I'm deeply puzzled by Bruce's insistence that this must be a foreign actor. Someone say recently, "security researchers came to the conclusion that attribution was hard, then they promptly forgot it." This essay seems more evidence of that.

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Take Net neutrality, for instance. If I can't get to a site, or it's unbearably slow, what difference does it make whether the problem is software on my computer or a policy of my ISP? Either way, someone else's policy about information access is interfering with what OUGHT to be my rights as a computer user. The terrifying part of this latter set of issues is that Bruce's sound advice - use open-source software (and, by the way, DON'T use software as a service, ever, ever, ever) - is only good for your computer, and has no effect on the network.

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If you hire or rent an employee in your home to do some work for you, and you find that s/he is releasing & deleting & blocking your works or part of it to & for her/his employer or somebody else, then that will be legal ? i dont think so, in fact, NO.
When Vista does something like that in my own computer inside my own home, then that will be legal ? NO.
Why our government is allowing such an illegal spyware to be sold in the market and allow people to fall in these traps ? The answer is , its not our govt, that is, its not protecting our rights, choice, but protecting corporations and groups, who are trying to abuse and take advantage of people.