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American cat nutritionists recommend dry foods but American cat magazines give frequent advice on combatting constipation caused by these energy-dense, low-bulk foods. Many cats enjoy dry food and the crunchy texture helps keep teeth healthy. Cats which eat dry food require plentiful drinking water. Some dry foods are marketed as reducing stool bulk and odour. This is entirely for your convenience (litter tray emptying) and can cause problems such as constipation since the cat's bowel is designed to handle a certain amount of bulk. Cats on concentrated foods require smaller portions and often overeat because their stomach does not feel full. You may have to accustom your cat to canned food as he ages since a toothless cat often gulp down dry food which leads to indigestion, regurgitation or vomiting of undigested biscuit. Most dry foods can be softened with gravy and the old problem of dry food causing urinary tract disorders has been overcome with modern formulations.

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For the elderly & senior people this is very important issue because you need utmost medical care & look after when you grow old whether you are in or anywhere in the world. There are many reasons for looking for old age homes / retirement care homes such as migration or location of children due to their work / lack of time in youngsters / neglect / family problems etc.

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Cloning hit the headlines recently when Dolly was cloned from an adult sheep. The possibilities excited cat owners who desired to duplicate a departed pet. In cloning, the nucleus of a tissue cell is implanted into an unfertilized egg and this is grown inside a surrogate mother cat. The kitten will be genetically identical to the donor cat. Cloning reproduces the genes, not any traits developed due to environment. The clone will look like the original cat but may have a different personality and grow into a totally different individual. You may begin to resent the clone for not being the cat you remember. Cloning currently has a very high failure rate. One problem is that cells have an internal clock which tells them how old they are. Your clone kitten may have been born 6 weeks ago, but all its cells know they are 15 years old. This causes premature ageing and deterioration and probably an early death. Some people are banking tissue samples from their cats waiting for the day when cloning is perfected and affordable; this may not be within their own lifetimes.

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There are "life-stage" foods available for Older Cats and formulated to suit a less efficient digestive system or to combat obesity. Senior cat formulations provide easily digested protein, but are expensive and some cats dislike them. Unless your cat has problems with regular cat food, or is becoming obese, an ordinary complete and balanced formulation plus fresh drinking water is usually adequate. Rather than impulse-buy life stage foods, ask your vet if your cat really needs them. Don't be emotionally blackmailed into buying an expensive product if your cat is healthy on regular brands of food.

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It is rarer for a cat to lose both hearing and sight. Such cats are far safer indoors as they can easily become lost or hurt outdoors. Many adapt well and still enjoy life, relying on their sense of smell. The fact that older cats are less active anyway means that they are less distressed by these problems than you might think. If you feel that your cat is distressed by its condition, you should discuss the matter with your vet who may recommend euthanasia, especially if the cat has other age-related problems as well.

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Although the senses decline, old age doesn't always mean disability. In cats, the disability usually occurs gradually enough for it to compensate. Even sudden disabilities (amputation, stroke) are less drastic than you might think because an older cat is generally less active and notices his limitations less than an active, younger cat. As a cat ages, sight and hearing deteriorate, often so gradually that you don't notice anything until the loss is total. Your cat compensates by relying more on remaining senses, especially smell, to guide him through his daily routine. Because older cats have a more relaxed approach to life, most appear unperturbed by failing hearing or sight. The problems of deafness and failing sight can be counteracted by a caring owner. Failing sense of smell is more problematical as it causes loss of appetite. Though there is no need to become over-protective, it is worthwhile being aware of some disabilities which may afflict cats.