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There are some qualities that should be inherent of a good school teacher Three most important of them are: punctuality, assiduity and commitment to education This essay has great language and structure Good job!

especially if we believe that they had the ideal qualities that make a good teacher.

The way the teacher dresses as well as the way he/she looks is considered a personal matter by students who though it is not a very important quality for an ideal teacher. A good proportion of students however view it as an important one.

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The effectiveness of teachers is valued according to the kinds of experiences students encounter throughout their learning process, Walls, Nardi, von Minden, & Hoffman (2002). This is particularly true if we adhere to students' standards and what they believe is important to qualify to be an ideal teacher in their views. Students come across various experiences in schools and universities with different resulting assumptions about teachers' roles, abilities, methods and qualities. Some educationalists define an effective teacher as one who holds certain degrees and has the sufficient subject knowledge required for teaching. Others, however, give more importance to the emotional attachment and positive rapport that the teacher establishes with his or her students, Brown, Morehead, Smith (2008). The accountability of students' views is questionable however in some educationalists' opinions. Alsup (2006) determines that students are not totally aware of the long term qualities that qualify a teacher to be an ideal one. Their judgments are based on their expectations based on the experiences they had with their teachers. However, students' are examples of very good observant and their views could reveal some hidden aspects that teachers themselves are not conscious of.