Essay on Germany: Development of capitalism in Germany

When recently a Finnish philosopherasked me to expound to him the significance of Fascism inone sentence, I wrote in German: ((We are against the “easy life"! (E.

What's German people's view on the essay The Awful …

Thinking historically:
Pupil E shows a detailed knowledge of the causes of the First Wold War. She has produced a consistent response, arguing that Germany was largely to blame for the war. Her essay shows a good understanding of nationalism, militarism and imperialism as long-term causes of the war and of the role of the Kaiser in causing the conflict. Her points about nationalism were confused, but overall, she produced a clear line of argument supported by detailed knowledge.

That essay makes it obvious that Twain loved the German language.

What's German people's view on the essay The Awful German Language written by Mark Twain

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