essay discussing internationalism and isolationism in …

ON MY MIND Are the Kremlin’s repressive policies and aggressive international posture just the latest expression of traditional Russian autocracy, imperialism, and expansionism? Or are they, as Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes suggest in a provocative and thought-provoking essay featured below, a new form of “aggressive isolationism” that is part of a worldwide struggle against […]

Essay discussing internationalism and isolationism in ..

Since the beginning of the modern Turkey, its foreign policies have had some certain specific features, which were affected by not only the international environment, such as the Cold War, the alliances and the European Union, but also domestic issues, such as the political coalitions, terrorism, etc.

Essay discussing internationalism and isolationism in …

The policy then consisted mainly on its regional interests and had no regards of the international scene.

There is no universally accepted opinion regarding isolationism, although western countries often criticise North Korea, Cuba, and other countries for pursuing isolationist policies.