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The creation of new tensions and conflicts, and the greater degree of political disengagement, has led to a new debate about social cohesion and national identity. These new debates have coincided with the arrival of a new wave of migrants, largely from Eastern Europe. Just as in the 1950s, the presence of the new immigrants has become a lightning rod for the wider concerns. So, rather than see the problems of political disengagement and social conflict as the result of policy decisions taken over the past two decades, they have come to be seen as the result of immigration creating too much diversity.

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Pro Amnesty and Anti-Immigration groups have different opinions about these issues The immigration laws that exist in the U.S are not the problem, the problem exist with the people who refuse to enforce them because they contrast the immigrant’s struggles with those of early equal rights movements....

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As a result, policy makers have seen their role as balancing the economic need for migrants against the social problems they create. The 'cross-departmental' government report on The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Immigration published last month, for instance, expresses broad support for immigration's positive effect on Britain's economy but fears about its negative impact on the country's social fabric. Why does immigration inevitably lead to fears about its social consequences? Largely because the presence of immigrants helps crystalise already existing social anxieties, particularly anxieties about national identity and social cohesion. To understand this better I want to take a brief look at the history of the debate about immigration and race relations in postwar Britain and to compare the debate about the first set of mass immigrants in Britain in the 1950s with the debate about the new wave of immigrants today.