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109E: Those who have died return to the same state in which they were before birth; therefore, as nothing was either good or evil for us before birth, even so will it be with us after death. And just as all events before our lifetime were nothing to us, even so will all events subsequent to our lifetime be nothing to us. For the condition after the end of life is the same as that before birth.Seneca, 24.22: Epicurus criticizes those who crave, as much as those who shrink from death: "It is absurd," he says, "to run towards death because you are tired of life, when it is your manner of life that has made you run towards death."Seneca, 24.23: To these thoughts {= & } you may add a third, of the same stamp: "Men are so thoughtless, nay, so mad, that some, through fear of death, force themselves to die." Cf.

here we can see that Burley is clarifying the Epicurean view that the fear of death should ..

"I shall die," you say; youmean to say "I shall cease to run the risk of sickness; I shall cease torun the risk of imprisonment; I shall cease to run the risk of death."I am not so foolish as to go through at this juncture the arguments whichEpicurus harps upon, and say that the terrors of the world below are idle,- that Ixion does not whirl round on his wheel, that Sisyphus does notshoulder his stone uphill, that a man's entrails cannot be restored anddevoured every day;/a no one is so childish as to fear Cerberus, or theshadows, or the spectral garb of those who are held together by naughtbut their unfleshed bones. Death either annihilates us or stripsus bare. If we are then released, there remains the better part,after the burden has been withdrawn; if we are annihilated, nothing remains;good and bad are alike removed.

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To understand Epicurus's philosophy on the fear of death, we fist have to understand Epicurus's perception of the universe, and why he believes the soul is mortal....