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shows that calculated value of is higher than the table value (tcal > ttab) thus; hypothesis 2 is hereby rejected; meaning that difference exists between student that failed English language and those that passed in technical education.

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This is a descriptive research of a correlation type where 120 students were sampled from a college of education to find out the relationship between proficiency in English language and academic performance among students of science and technical education. Findings revealed that there is correlation between proficiency in English language and academic performance of students in science and technical education; students in technical education performed better than their counterpart in science education; students who passed English language performed better than those who failed both in science and technical education. Some recommendations were suggested at the end of the study.

Role Of English In Technical Education (Essay Sample)

1. Admission into any course in science and technical education should be based on credit pass in English language.

above reveals that students in technical education performed better in English language than their counterpart in science education as mean score of technical students is higher than that of science students. In the light of this, research question 3 is answered.

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English language is very important to any course in Nigeria educational system especially Science and Technical Education courses. confirmed this when he said English language is a powerful factor in the study of science in Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics.

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in his work proved that competency in English significantly determines performances in intelligence or academic tests. The revelation above seem to suggest that mastery of English language is very importance even in students’ academic performances in intelligence tests, especially when it comes to the issues of Science and Technical education that involves a lot of laboratory and workshop practical in the acquisition of skills. Technical Education is an aspect of education, which leads to the acquisition of practical, basic scientific knowledge which involves special manipulative skills, creative minds, and attitudes relating to occupations in various sectors of the economic and social life , , .The mind set is that the individual is trained to be self reliant, and well productive.

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It was also observed that students in technical education performed better than students in science education; however, it might be difficult to generalize this finding unless further study is carried out on it. Students in technical education are better than those in science education because their mean scores are higher than those of science education in the same English language examinations.