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[b 1631?] married 16 Sept 1658 at Liskeard Joan Moore dau of John Moore of Liskeard & grand-daughter of Sir Nicholas Wadham father of John Wadham whose son Nicholas founded Wadham College. Oxford. [cannot be correct: Sir Nicholas d 1541; John d 1577; Nicholas of Wadham College lived 1532-1609. The account of Charles R.W. Lyne, , whose family branch to this day often carries Wadham name, is that John Moore m Mary Wadham. Was Mary grand-daughter of Nicholas 1532-1609? John Moore might have been gg grandson of Sir Nicholas d 1541 via dau Elizabeth.]

 A brief biography and introduction to Shelley, with text for some of his most famous poems. .

," by Prof. Glenn Everett. Also ," essays on Shelley's writing technique, themes, biography, and the historical background. ed. Prof. George P. Landow.

by Prof. Douglass H. Thomson, academic web site.

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William Grant Still (1895-1978) was an oboist, arranger and composer of jazz and popular music themes. He incorporated the Blues and jazz in his “Afro-American Symphony” which premiered in 1931 and is still one of the most recognized classical works by a black composer.

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Urquhart, Troy. Urquhart contends that "the presents a model for the creation and transfer of meaning that is remarkably similar to that described by Shelley's ." 31 (August 2003).

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Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) provides individualized academic support for students with documented disabilities. Support services can include extended test time, textbooks and handouts in alternative formats (electronic texts, Braille, taped texts, etc), classroom notes, sign language interpreters, and transcriptionists. SSD not only accommodates students that have visible disabilities, but students with other varying types of disabilities that impact college life. If you have a documented disability that is impacting your academic progress, please call SSD at 472-3787 and schedule an appointment. If you do not have a documented disability but you are having difficulties with your coursework (such as receiving low grades even though you study more than your classmates or find you run out of time for test questions when the majority of your peers finish their exams in the allotted time), you may schedule an appointment to discuss the challenges you are experiencing.

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Part 1-
Write about ” England in 1819″ by Percy Bysshe Shelley ( about 500 words including short introduction n conclusion). Find Rhetorical elements( at least 3) in this poem.

England in 1819 by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Stroup, William. Stroup considers the implications of using an early cultural critic, Henry Salt, as a model for contemporary Ecocriticism. Romanticism and Ecology, Nov. 2001.