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Cherry on top of the cake, there will be no freeshit players because nobody is retarded enough to play a KOREAN GAME where people played for ONE ENTIRE MONTH before they could play.

Now that you know a little more about Sudoku, play and enjoy this free online game.

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Public Notice Varied Town Planning Scheme No. 1 to 8

If you find that your sources are often summoned or you make to write with many, reverse.

with 1(2)(5) dungeons per day
enjoy your 5 statues per day

like, "mates, i will make character that will put 3 statues for each day, and nothing more".

so, confirm?

many of them.the NPC does no longer sell all.

Most of the time, you can nuke and kill monsters faster than they can threaten you.

Peltastas are tanky and they hold aggro, but people mostly want them for Swashbuckling, which is an AoE taunt skill.

changed after iCBT2.and alchem potions are cheaper then npc potions.

If you don't like PvP you really shouldn't join.

Even if it's a peaceful guild, the PvP guild will just declare war against you and there will be nothing you can do against it except get good or leave.

have fun spending time farming that shit.

Either way, it's the most optimal tank, because Hop's Finestra is about the only thing in the game that makes tanks actually tankier.

Tip: 1 point into the Pelt buffs, they're useless and you only ever activate them for the attribute effects.

Tip2: Rodeleros might seem attractive, but taking circles in Rodel do not actually make you tankier.

What killed B&S was those dumbshits deciding to do Wildstar first.

Even if RMT isn't official people do it all the time.

You need free market for capitalism to flourish and that will always lead to massive inequality.

Its why I have enough gold in WOW to play for the rest of my life if were actually still playing it.

The hype for B&S died soon after.And now look at them.

The majority in this site is actually retarded and think that tradeable cash shop items ise fair because it gives everyone an opportunity to get them without paying.
But all it does is actually give wealthy players a legal way to get infinite ingame currency.

You are not alone in this, I'm with you.

MMO companies make such retarded decisions.

10% chance to kill monsters in an AoE seems like it could be solid but if it's just one target then whatever.

Gimmicky physical DPS pardoner beating people with a sack of money is just too funny not to at least explore.