Copper Silver Plated Toothpick Holder (Canada) 1514 - CAD $25.00

(1861-1957)[American lawyer, historian, and essayist]

(1902)[Biography of Champlain;with an illustration by Théophile Hamel (1817-1870),after an original by Balthazar Moncornet (ca.

An earlier version, , had appeared in 1955.] (1899)[Essays on the history of French Canada]

Lot 378 E/P Canada #CL6E 1926 Jack V. Eliot Air Service Unofficial Essay, in blue, on never hinged gummed stamp paper, fresh and very fine. Unitrade CV$750, sold for $300 plus buyer’s premium.

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Sketches : Political and Historical.(1927)[Essays on Canadian history and literature]

His sympathetic account of the special challenges faced by Canadian literatureis clear, accurate, and well worth reading: "To one who takes careful accountof the difficulties which have steadily beset its growth its survival assomething interesting and important seems a miracle."]


(1872) [Historical essays]

Lignin was first mentioned in 1813 by the Swiss botanist A

(1922)[Illustrated lectures]

You will find an interesting and very readable essay "A Pioneer Canadian Cartoonist" on Bengough in Hector Charlesworth's (1927),which includes essays on many other things Canadian.