Black is white and white is black.

He later told conspiracy author Mark Lane that he saw "a flash of light or smoke or something which caused me to feel like something out of the ordinary had occurred .

It's a very partial account of ways in which Stone tampered with the historical record.

DVOYEVERIE (Russian, "double faith"): The confusion or mixture of pagan and Christian elements in medieval Russian folklore (Harkins 118).

All four witnesses had severe credibility problems, with Russo

Oswald was handing out flyers in front of the building in which Shaw worked.

DOSBARTH GWYNEDD: Also known as the Venodotian Code or the "four and twenty measures," the Dosbarth Gwynedd are an ancient and complex set of metrical rules for Welsh poetry associated with the Gwynedd region (north Wales) in contrast with the newer Dosbarth Morgannwg, a newer tradition (15th century) associated with the region of Glamorganshire. In general, the Dosbarth Gwynedd are considered the standard or "authentic" verse tradition, even though most modern Welsh poets tend to ignore this incredibly complex tradition and concentrate on smaller, simpler forms like the and the .

never checking into the hospital."

If the story-line can be tied to anhistorical event, especially one that involves romantic characters and unexpected death, then fiction, history, and populardelusion can be joined in the pursuit of profit.

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Contradictions are dismissed as being naive or,more likely, part of the conspiracy itself. Jonathan Alter had some interesting comments on "JFK" in the 1998 "ACentury of the Movies" Special Issue of Newsweek, p.

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More than three quarters of a century later, OliverStone's "JFK" — departing wildly from demonstrable historical fact —provides its own form of reactive history.

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Among scholars, one of the most significant types of dedications is a festschrift. A festschrift is a collection of essays or studies in book form, dedicated to a former teacher or professor in his or her advanced age. The individual scholarly writings come from his or her students, who typically collaborate to organize the work and contact the publisher, and they present the collection to the teacher upon its publication.

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Stone claims he's simplyengaged in creative "countermyth," but like Griffith, he is actuallypandering, this time to the conspiracymongers who dominate publicperception of the Kennedy assassination.