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There were too many cultural discrepancies between people, and ultimately America, the country based on freedom and equality, faced challenges concerning diversity....

(  Yoji Cole, Who Is An African American?, p. 54, DiversityInc, February 2005 )

Most public school educators agree that increasing studentunderstanding of diverse religious perspectives is important as thiswill have positive social outcomes. It is often argued, forinstance, that helping students better understand the increasingdiversity, including religious diversity, they face will better preparethem to live in a peaceful, productive manner with those with differingcultural and/or religious values (Kunzman, 2006).

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186) finds a connection between the success of education and diversity.

Both students and faculty at American colleges and universities are becoming increasingly varied in their backgrounds and experiences, reflecting the diversity witnessed in our broader society. The Center for Teaching is committed to supporting diversity at Vanderbilt, particularly as it intersects with the wide range of teaching and learning contexts that occur across the University.

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I am applying to a physical therapy program and I am having a hard time addressing the diversity question. I’ve written numerous drafts but I do not feel my essay(s) are concise or convey my message. I grew up, for the most part, in a single parent household. I believe it is diverse however how can I differentiate myself from other applicants who grew up in a single parent household?

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On the other hand, in my view, nothing replaces authentic interest and genuine intent of meeting and getting to know another person, group or culture. I don’t think this attitude is something that you can develop or fake. You cannot learn it; it is a matter of temperament. I find true lived diversity one of the most challenging and definitively the single most rewarding experience in my life. One of the reasons for that is the fact that I meet the other both outside and inside of me. The extent of my ability to be encompass all of the internal and external experiences involved in this meeting, including those of love, hate, admiration, prejudice, dislike, etc, determines the level of closeness and intimacy that I can reach with the other, as well as with myself. This experience of closeness and intimacy does not necessarily imply harmony. A short course in learning how to work with your own experiences of discomfort and bias, and finding out these experiences can actually be useful to you in certain circumstances, would bring more.

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As I contemplated the idea of working towards my Master’s in Education I brought with me the idea of diversity in education and why facilitating different school systems is vital to a healthy society.

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Political correctness, in my view, is not only ineffective in the long run - it actually works as an invisible barrier between groups that stands in the way of an authentic meeting place. Although it provides an important first step for recognizing aspects of social justice, it later freezes prejudice on both sides. In the U.S.A., for example, European-American and African-American relationships have been and continue to be viewed from a predominantly historic viewpoint from both sides. Many characteristics of African American Culture are considered the result of slavery, by both black and white groups. There seems to be a politically correct agreement on both sides that the history of slavery can be seen as the single most decisive factor in explaining African American expression, politics, relationship life, professional development, etc. An analogous viewpoint would see an individual’s personal journey solely from the angle of an early childhood abuse experience. Such a viewpoint is good in the sense that it raises awareness about oppression and speeds up the process of liberation and emancipation, for example the civil rights struggle. However it is one-sided in the way that it takes power away from the “oppressed” group, stealing its intrinsic unexplainable beauty, talent and uniqueness by considering it the result of oppression, and therefore negating the existence of an essence that has remained intact throughout and regardless of history. I am thrilled to see that this mindset is finally changing. In a recent article in (one of the leading US publications on diversity within the business world that portrays, documents and supports the advancement of all marginalized groups regardless of political leanings or social activist viewpoints) the author Yoji Cole, one of my favorite writers on diversity in the mainstream, describes the achievements of the African American Culture and its influence within the mainstream. According to her research, African Americans are now setting many of the trends in consumer behavior. White kids worldwide pay attention to what black kids consider cool. However, though the article points out the privileges and power of African Americans, the author cannot abstain from seeing many of the skills and characteristics that the African American Culture developed as related to their history of slavery.