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Some of them are : 1) job results/outcome
2) essay method
3) Ranking
4) Forced Distribution
5) Graphic Rating Scale
6) Behavioral Checklist
7) Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)
8) Management by Objectives (MBO) Job ResultsThough not an appraisal method per se, job results are in themselves a source of data that can be used to appraise performance.

Advantages disadvantages essay appraisal method

7. Field Review Method: This is an appraisal done by someone outside employees’ own department usually from corporate or HR department. Advantages – Useful for managerial level promotions, when comparable information is needed, Disadvantages – Outsider is generally not familiar with employees work environment, Observation of actual behaviors not possible.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Essay Appraisal Method

Perfomance appraisal method and advantages and disadvantages of essay appraisal method and demerits

10. Essay Method: In this method the rater writes down the employee description in detail within a number of broad categories like, overall impression of performance, promoteability of employee, existing capabilities and qualifications of performing jobs, strengths and weaknesses and training needs of the employee. Advantage – It is extremely useful in filing information gaps about the employees that often occur in a better-structured checklist. Disadvantages – It its highly dependent upon the writing skills of rater and most of them are not good writers. They may get confused success depends on the memory power of raters.