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Arnold's opinion. As our two actors increase their efforts to get the grant, they begin to focus on each other and their focus is shifted away from the grant itself. This becomes an "internally mediated" event, because Sylvester is now hiding the true focus of his desires--to beat Dr.

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Arnold are now contemplating the destruction of their doubles, thus at the same time, the destruction of themselves. Once the level of conflictual mimesis or internal mediation, is reached, because of the process just described, violence may erupt between model and rival. However, because they are "mutually intimidated and identical", they rediscover the object of their original desire and "deflect their destructive energy from one another onto a substitute" (Wallace 1994, 10). This becomes the second important step in Girard's theory: bringing into existence a scapegoat, which is necessary due to the increasing cycle of violence that occurs between the doubles. Their anger and hostility must be vigorously dispersed or vented, as opposed to being a process open to transformation by introspection or meditation (i.e., something like a psychoanalytic or spiritual approach). Girard seems to accept a Western, scientific model of anger as a physically aroused state in the human being.

... the physiology of violence varies little from one individual to another, even from one culture to another. ... Once aroused, the urge to violence triggers certain physical changes that prepare men's bodies for battle. This set toward violence lingers on; it should not be regarded as a simple reflex that ceases with the removal of the initial stimulus. Story remarks that it is more difficult to quell an impulse toward violence than to rouse it, especially within the normal framework of social behavior. (Girard 1977, 1-2)
Because of Girard's view of the salient nature of emotions that stir humans to violence, a dramatic and cathartic event must occur. In many cases violence against each other results. We see this commonly in our every day experiences. One person becomes angry at another and lashes out, verbally or physically assaulting the other. So, as opposed to a process whereby conflict might be resolved by mediation and compromise, Girard's purpose is to point to the types and intensities of conflicts that result in violence. A critique might be lodged against Girard by proposing that conflict might be potentially resolvable by means of mediation and compromise rather than violence. Girard and other Girardians hint at a response, by noting that such a resolution to conflict is ideal, and would rely on a wide-scale social relearning of methods used to resolve conflict, thus initiating processes of (Alison 1998, 13).

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Girard's perspective on the scapegoat particularly emphasizes the role of the victim in society. One of the criticisms lodged against Girard's work is that he is simply a Christian apologist trying to give the Christian texts credibility to the academy and to evangelize in the name of Christ. While he has stated as much in interviews (Williams 1996, 286-288), that doesn't mean that Girard's work must necessarily be interpreted using his own hermeneutic and agenda (Mack 1985, 160). It is possible to maintain a view that the JCS are a unique exposition of this mechanism, without becoming a Christian, just as one can use, value and believe many fundamental ideas of science, without necessarily buying into a theory of “scientism”.

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