Case Study: Ethical Decision Making Academic ..

Decision making is the important and interesting topic which is surely worth attention. If a student is asked to prepare a successful case study on decision making, he will have to pay attention to the general aspects of the topic and learn it from all sides to be able to analyze it well and draw the right conclusions. To begin with, a student should learn about the problem of the case and collect information for the detailed analyses. Then one should find the cause of the problem and its effect.

Case Study: Ethical Decision Making ..

The above decision-making process includes the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision-maker.

Decision Making Case Study Analysis

In each case, the process relies on a mix of the three types of decision making inherent in human thinking:

The case study design, one of the formats used in qualitative research, was used to primarily determine the potentials of participation in decision-making to demonstrate power.