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Again he viewed Bruce Wayne as a no small talk type of person with a playboy type of lifestyle.
What evidence does each review provide to illustrate main points and claims?
That Batman needs all the gizmos he can muster, if he wants to defeat his latest and most potent foe (Lane, July 2012).
Do any words or phrases capture the essence of the reviewer’s attitude toward the film?
Who, then, in “The Dark Knight Rises” does the rising?

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The origins of her essay "The Fallacy of the Heroism/Villainy Dichotomy: A Visual Analysis of The Dark Knight Rises" stem back to the first time she saw the film in the theater, when she was struck by her incomplete aversion to Bane and her very unidealized perception of Batman.

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According to the distinctions made in Chapter Ten, how is the reviewer approaching the film.
My film that I will use for review will be Batman “The Dark Knight Rises”.