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This cover letter addresses three of the course learning outcomes for English 101and provides explanations for each as pertained to my essay The Real Political Powers. The first point I will present is on my use of specific details to support my claims. Then I will give an examination as to how I gathered, used, and documented information to develop my argument. Finally, I will be describing how I used instructor and peer feedback to improve the prose within my paper. It is my hope that by observing these topics, my revisions will be completely apparent throughout my paper.

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Writing an involves designing an attractive , specifying a catchy title, and then writing content in the body of the essay that gets you good grades and comments from evaluators and the target audience. The first step of designing an effective essay cover page involves drafting a title that impresses the reader, explains in short the purpose of the paper, and includes all necessary information required for evaluation. The details include name of the student, university, and the appropriate headers and footers specifying the title and the page numbers.

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In the cover sheet, you can specify that why you are sending the resume and what exactly you have which will be useful for the company if it hires you.

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