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Actually, terrorists benefit from the polarization of the electorate caused by terrorism; most clamor for more security and security measures, and encourage overreaction on the part of public safety individuals, which in turn drives the other end of the electorate towards the terrorists. After being roughed up by the cops, or having their country invaded, certain normally peacable muslims decide they've had enough, and retaliate... anyways, let's not allow fear to cloud good judgement, common sense, and our notions of humane treatment of the least of us.

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I agree. And the same rules should be heard for the fear mongers, who cry racism. The evironmentalists who continually try to scare us with there doom and gloom and of course big government who stea our money away from us, becasue if we don't society will to hell.

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Secondly, as for the association of the terms terrorist and Islamic. I encourage people to take the Google challenge and find the names three terrorist groups that are not Islamic. I'll start you guys off and give you a couple of hints, Spain, Ireland. By associating a religious/ethnic group with your fear, you are being sensitised to fear by your government. Take the time to look at how the Nazis built fear and hatred towards the Jews in the 1930s.