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This was an incredible accusation to which Mr. Packer was forced to respond. “The style of no-compromise sacrifices things that are too important for readers to surrender without a second thought,” Mr. Packer persuasively . “It begins with the essential point that race is an idea, and ends up just about making race an essence.”

Your instructor may ask for multiple similarities and differences--make sure you're prepared to write a well-developed, meaningful essay on a topic that you know well before you get started!

A good comparative essay is like a multi-layered sandwich:

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Chunking: placing all of the information for each individual subject in one place (chunk), and then using similarities as transitions.

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Some instructors prefer that you only write about the differences between two things, while others want you to focus on explaining the similarities as well. Either way, you'll need to make sure that your thesis statement reflects your instructor's expectations. For example, if I wanted to write about Social Networking sites, I'd need to write different thesis statements depending on my compare/contrast assignment.

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Sample thesis statement for compare/contrast paper: While both Facebook and MySpace allow you to meet other users who have similar interests, only MySpace allows you to demonstrate your personal style.

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If you want to write a successful compare/contrast essay, you'll need to avoid writing about really obvious differences and similarities. For example:

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It would be better to write about how sensitive both horses and cats are to human needs and emotions. You could also suggest that though both basketball and football require a lot of teamwork, basketball players are expected to be a lot more versatile than football players.

Electronic Literature: What is it

To write a compare/contrast essay, you’ll need to make NEW connections and/or express NEW differences between two things. The key word here…is NEW!