resulted from this initial cut up experiment.

The fire, which was caused by an incendiary device thrown by the rioters which then ignited a piece of lighting equipment, quickly grew into a major blaze.

contains unedited unchanged cut ups emerging as quite coherent and meaningful prose.

So just what we to make of Judyth? Her story appears to be a elaborate tapestry wovenaround several kinds of elements. First, she has taken the artifacts of a fairly ordinary life andinvested them with huge significance. A form letter from Bertrand Russell’s secretary becomesthe remaining trace of a string of letters concerning sex and politics. A letter from SenatorGeorge Smathers congratulating her on her prowess as a science student is evidence that peoplein high places have noticed her and have slated her for covert use. A copy of Pushkin’s “Queenof Spades” becomes a book that she and Lee read together.

And used by the moving and still camera.

The cut up method brings to writers the collage which has been used by painters for fifty years.

A corollary of the Hoch Ratio Test holds that an account is suspect when it includes few namesof people who are still alive – and who might denounce the account or even sue for libel. Thusthe fact that one’s roster of conspirators consists almost entirely of dead people doesn’t suggest asinister . Rather, it suggests a story concocted tobe “safe” in a way that a story accusing live individuals of conspiring to murder the presidentcan’t be.

Promenade of wine perfume opens slow bottle.

I think Sandra wisely hid itself . . As others of us did. S/he supposedly cared forGarrison. Sandra worked in The Five Hundred Club but I think I rememberindependently that s/he also worked in the one across the street to start with, thencame top billing, and a “room at the top” on second floor at The Five HundredClub, where Garrison most likely, by the way, was not the only client. This exoticdancer was idolized by many a man who did not know the anatomical peculiaritiesas Garrison had to know them, despite operations and implants.

It is experimental in the sense of being .

Sandra had silicone implants, which supposedly conveniently gave trouble aboutthe time, I think, that Garrison needed her in town the least. Off s/he went toNew York, and though s/he was a famous attraction, Mac [McCullough] said henever saw Sandra again and wonders if s/he is still alive.

Not something to talk and argue about.

The American Cream is a rare breed of dog developed for Guide and service andCanine Companion use. ACPBA [American Cream Puppy Breeders Association]headquarters is in Palmetto, LA, near the University of SW Louisiana, where theirhigh intelligence is under study.

Cut the words and see how they fall.

One set of plotters who were Garrison suspects were the mobsters. The Orleans Parishdistrict attorney quite conspicuously in this “investigation.” Judyth remediesthis defect by adding them to the mix. But she also provides an explanation for his steering clearof the mob. Garrison, Judyth explains, carried on a sexual relationship with an hermaphroditestripper named Sandra Sexton and was “compromised” since the Marcello organization knewabout it. In an e-mail she sent to a researcher, she elaborated on this theme:

Shakespeare Rimbaud live in their words.

But many of her plotters aren’t found on the movie “JFK,” and she appears to have doneconsiderable reading on the assassination. Ochsner and Reily were Garrison suspects and the DAwas, at one time, close to arresting both of them. His only evidence against them was that theywere anti-Communist activists. Garrison suspected Mary Sherman, whom he believed had asinister link with Ferrie. Garrison even thought Kerry Thornley was a suspect, mostly on thebasis of Warren Commission testimony that .