Reconstruction took three eras to be completed.

FREE Essay on Failures and Successes of The Reconstruction After the The Reconstruction after the Civil War consisted of failures as well as successes.

government plunged the country into what is now called the Reconstruction Era.

the beginning of the antislavery crusade and perhaps in our entire history. The removal of a significant portion of the nation's laboring population from public life shifted the center of gravity of American politics to the right, complicating the tasks of reformers for generations to come. Long into the twentieth century, the South remained a one-party region under the control of a reactionary ruling elite who used the same violence and fraud that had helped defeat Reconstruction to stifle internal dissent. An enduring consequence of Reconstruction's failure, the Solid South helped define the contours of American politics and weaken the prospects not simply of change in racial matters but of progressive legislation in many other realms.

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Reconstruction is the period of rebuilding the south that succeeded the Civil War (1861-1865).

Published by Harper & Brothers from 1857 until 1916, it featured foreign and domestic news, fiction, essays on many subjects, and humor, alongside illustrations.
In the Compromise of 1877, Hayes promised that as President, he would remove federal troops from all southern states.

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Although the military conflict had ended, Reconstruction was in many ways still a war. This important struggle was waged by radical northerners who wanted to punish the South and Southerners who desperately wanted to preserve their way of life.

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375), Johnson revealed his plan for reconstruction or “Restoration”, as he preferred to call it, soon after he took office and implemented it during the summer of 1865 when Congress was in recess.

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Slavery, in practical terms, died with the end of the Civil War. Three Constitutional amendments altered the nature of African-American rights. The Thirteenth Amendment formally abolished slavery in all states and territories. The prohibited states from depriving any male citizen of equal protection under the law, regardless of race. The granted the right to vote to African-American males. Ratification of these amendments became a requirement for Southern states to be readmitted into the Union. Although these measures were positive steps toward racial equality, their enforcement proved extremely difficult.

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a. Allowed defeated Confederate states back into the Union
when as few as 10 percent of its voters supported the Union authority.

b. It allowed the continuation of pre-war state constitutions and laws.

c. It did not require Southern States to grant Blacks' civil rights.

d. It allowed the Southern planter aristocracy to continue to dominate
Southern politics.

Reconstruction failure was essay a Clone essay.

Despite the differing opinions of the two regions, ‘Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee [...] sought readmission to the union’ knowing that they were agreeing to the abolishment of slavery under the Thirteenth Amendment; which abolished slavery, Fourteenth Amendment; that stated all persons born in the states were American citizens and finally the Fifteenth Amendment which highlighted that the a citizen’s right to vote should not be denied, thus achieving one of the aims of Reconstruction....