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Carl Czerny, for instance, wrote in 1839 that:

The Notturno for the Pianoforte is really an imitation of those vocal pieces which are termed Serenades, and the peculiar object of such works—that of being performed by night, before the dwelling of an esteemed individual—must always exercise an influence upon its character.
Ever since Czerny's day, this linkage to the male vocal genre of the serenade has been central to definitions of the piano nocturne in German-language studies and music dictionaries, and it recently provided Kallberg with evidence for his case that the piano nocturne as a genre should be understood as a male construction of the sensibility of a woman being serenaded by a male suitor.Meanwhile, however, there was another, fairly distinct species of vocal nocturne, established by the very beginning of the nineteenth century and flourishing throughout Chopin's life.

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Although accordions were in Louisiana at an early date, their acceptance by Cajuns came later. In a book published in 1861 on a series of controversial incidents on the prairies of Southwest Louisiana, a Frenchman often mentioned fiddles (and fiddle players, although never in a positive light), as well as other instruments, such as mandolin, banjo, and guitar. No accordion or accordion player, however, was ever mentioned (Barde 1981: passim). Twenty years later, a visitor on the prairies encountered a settlement of 150 Cajun families, and found "no less than sixty fiddlers," an amazingly large number for a relatively small settlement ( 1881: 566). But, again, there was no mention of accordion players. Although the accordion was introduced in the latter half of the 19th century, and was probably widely available, one scholar maintains that fiddles remained the main instrument of choice on the prairies of Southwest Louisiana until the 1920s (Sexton 1996: 157-159), and this was undoubtedly the case.

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