Entrance into the child beauty pageant world can be a dangerous one.

Pageants often contribute topsychological problems that may manifest as disorders later in life, and participantsgrow up in an atmosphere in which they learn superficial, damaging values. Thepressures of competition, tensions between contestants, and being subjected tojudgment can have many emotional repercussions, and have even led to thelabeling of pageants as child abuse. South Australia's Status of Women MinisterGail Gago declared that "young children should not be exposed to the risksand pressures associated with [pageants],'' and research has revealed theserisks to be very real ().Self-esteem issues, feelings of inferiority, paranoia, dissimulation, andanxiety can develop in these girls, who are caught between two undesirableextremes (Grosaru). The habitual pageant loser may suffer self-doubt andconfidence issues, whereas the continual winner may become a vain prima donna. Stemmingfrom these psychological issues, full-fledged disorders may arise down theroad. Low self-esteem and a physically-based conception of beauty make theperfect recipe for eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, as well asdepression (Reed).

Child pageant stars face the risk of having In conclusion, child beauty pageants.

Althoughmany pageant parents believe these events can help build confidence in the child, the outcome of participation is usually detrimental rather than beneficial, as seen in the Sunburst Beauty Pageant and in the infamous reality television series, Toddlers and Tiaras.

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I think that beauty pageants shouldnt be banned becuz alot of them have scholar ships and stuff like that. BUT the only thing that should change is the type of girls that are on it! i dont think that only those skinny girls should b in it. ive heard that they have a beauty pageant for bigger girl. HEY why not COMBINE them both!That will change things in society! and makes skinny and thick girls more CONFIDENCE!

Child Beauty Pageant or Child Exploitation

In addition to a poor set ofvalues, pageants also cultivate dependency. Decisions are frequently made forthese girls because they are so young- including the decision to even competein pageants. Sadly, often mothers get very pushy and live vicariously throughtheir daughters. The mother of baby SamiJo on claims that SamiJo's dream is to be MissAmerica, even though the little girl can barely mumble single words. She also outrightadmits multiple times that pageants were the reason she wanted to have adaughter (Youtube). In this instance and in many others, girls are born intopageants without a choice. As they grow older, they learn to be passive and to submit,to put on costumes that have been picked out for them, to learn routinescreated for them, to sit there while makeup is applied. This learned dependencyextends past decisions, as they learn to depend on others' opinions to measuretheir own self-worth. They are vulnerable to the choice of pageant judges andin a desperate position where their beauty is someone else's to evaluate.

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