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Hsc Business Studies 2016 - Term Paper

193, 194
Teaching and learning strategies incorporating 'Students learn to':

construct a mind map explaining the interdependence of financial management with the other key business functions (read text p 194 -196 first)
see p.

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Hsc Legal Studies World Order Essay

I guess that’s the difference between constantly reinventing yourself and resting on your laurels.
Explain the interdependence of the finance
function with the other business functions.
Teaching and learning strategies incorporating 'Students learn to':

Describe Boeing's strategy regarding the 787 Dreamliner
What would have been the finance functions prime responsibility within this strategy?
External sources of finance can be debt or equity:
all sources in the table are external apart from retained profits
Overview of influences
Internal sources of finance
owners equity
is finance contributed by shareholders to the business or the owners financial claim to the business assets after debts have been paid
retained profits
are money that has been earned by the business and not distributed to its shareholders as dividends

these funds can be used for product research and development, purchase of equipment and training, etc
Teaching and learning strategies incorporating 'Students learn to':

Owners do not usually object to profits being retained rather than distributed.