Quran – Surah Al-Hashr – Verse 21

The Atheist and the villagers were laughing. The
Atheist said to the villagers, “This scholar is mad.
How can a tree became a boat by itself with no one
made it? How can a boat exist with no maker who made

Quran – Verse 82, Surah Al-Israa

“Allah it is who raised up the heavens without
visible supports, then mounted the Throne, and
compelled the sun and the moon to be of service, each
runneth unto an appointed term; He ordereth the
course; He detaileth the revelations, that haply ye
may be certain of the meeting with your Lord.”
[Quran 13:2]

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The Atheist and the villagers were waiting for the
scholar, but the scholar did not come right on time.
When the Atheist and the villagers thought that the
scholar will not come for the debate, then the scholar
showed up.

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The human ability to see colors limited to certain
frequencies. People only could hear limited
frequencies. Sometimes the light not only very
dazzling but also could make people blind. So is the
sound. Certain sound could not be heard by human sense
while other sound which is very loud could destroy
human‘s hearing.

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The Earth where 8 billion people live has
circumference 40,000 km. The circumference of the Sun
is 4.3 million km. The Sun and its 8 planets along
with 100 billion stars are in the Milky Way galaxy
whose length is 100,000 light years away.

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Milky Way is only a galaxy among thousands galaxies
that form a Cluster. This cluster with thousands
clusters form 1 Super Cluster. And thousands of Super
Clusters form the Universe whose length is 30 billion
light years away! Remember, the number 30 billion
light years away only current estimation since the
strongest telescope today only could reach 15 billion
light years away.

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Imagine if the distance between Earth and the Sun is
150 million km and passed by the light in just 8
minute, then the whole Universe passed by the light in
30 billion years. That is equal to 285 billion
trillion km away. If a man could run 40 km/hour
without stopping, he would pass the distance in
810,000 trillion years!

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How many molecular things even nucleus (hair divided
in millions) that cannot be seen by people yet exist?
People could only see those things by using a very
powerful microscope.