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- Essays on a The Old Man and the Sea Summary examine Ernest Hemingway’s story about Santiago, an old Cuban fisherman and his epic fight against a giant marlin far out at sea.

 - The Age of Innocence is a novel written by Edith Wharton that was published in 1920.

- A Beloved analysis essay discuss the novel by Toni Morrison, which tells the story of the haunting legacy of slavery and its impact on the present.

Head OfficeAmber Precast LtdWest WaySomercotes, DerbyshireDE55 4QJ

- American fiction essays analyze the fictional literature produced throughout American history.

- This essay on the characters in Little Women discuss the differences between the March sisters and explains their good and bad traits.

- Moby Dick essays explore the novel by Herman Melville.

- Steinbeck explores several themes in Of Mice and Men. The American Dream is one of the most obvious and important themes in the book.

- An essay for a My Antonia summary analyze Willa Cather’s novel.

- An essay on Of Mice and Men summary discuss the story of George and Lennie who are two migrant workers in California during the Great Depression.

- Scout serves a central role in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

- One Hundred Years of Solitude essays delves into a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez that blends the real world with the supernatural world.

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It’s been a while since I’ve thrown words on these pages and I don’t even know where to start, so much has happened. Some good things happened in my life. Some bad things happened in all our lives. First the good things.

Disney Gets It Right
I did something entirely out of character: I went to visit my daughter in LA alone (Marlene was/is recovering from a ligament separation in a foot) and we went to Disneyland. D/L was in full Halloween Freak-out Mode and it was terrific! My daughter set up a guide for us so we didn’t have to wait on rides and everything was smooth as can be. The two granddaughters, Alice (7) and Rosie (2.5) were absolutely amazing and it was fun being part of the action.

Just going through the gate, I could feel my brain open a dump valve at the bottom letting every negative thought I had drain out. The problems of the world disappeared for the better part of a day.

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- An essay on a One Hundred Years of Solitude summary looks into the novel that comments on the impact that international forces can have on what was once a sheltered, isolated insular community.

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- An analysis Of Mice and Men look at the core of novel, which speaks of the nature of humanity and the undying search for the American Dream.