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Predstavljamo vam novi laser sa SHR tehnologiom za trajno uklanjanje dlačica. Prvi uredjaj koji ima programe za sve tipove kože, izrazito brzi tretmani i još mnogo toga, pročitajte opširnije.

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You've probably believed for years that one object cannot be in two places at once. Notany more! Recently, scientists have managed to force a beryllium atom to remain in twoplaces simultaneously (Winters 1996). Similarly, through coding, ambiguity, etc., queerspace-time can occupy the same physical space-time as heterosexual space-time. That is,queers can simultaneously occupy both "normal" space-time and a different conceptualspace-time through the use of their esoteric knowledge. This notion is similar to mydiscussions elsewhere of multiple perceptions of context (Goodwin 1989). Our dualnature (queer but raised hetero- or asexual, wave and particle, strange and charm, hereand there) provides us with the required interpretive framework to "crossread" texts.

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Quoting again: "The fifth and six quarks were originally called truth and beauty"--I'mmaking any of this up. Talk about an obsession with faggy stereotypes of theimportance of sex roles and physical appearance: "No, I really a top! That's the And you're beautiful!"

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In Corey K. Creekmur and Alexander Doty offer a great example of crossreading a classic movie, a queer favorite, describing it as if it were set in queerspace-time: "To take a privileged example from camp's (counter) canon, MGM'swholesome children's fantasy and its child star Judy Garland, could beelaborated in terms of their camp functions: is a story in whicheveryone lives in two very different worlds, and in which most of its characters live twovery different lives, while its emotionally confused and oppressed teenaged heroinelongs for a world in which her inner desires can be expressed freely and fully. Dorothyfinds this world in a Technicolor land 'over the rainbow' inhabited by a sissy lion, anartificial man who cannot stop crying, and a butch-femme couple of witches. This is areading of the film that sees the film's fantastic excesses (color, costume, song,performance, etc.) as expressing the hidden lives of many of its most devoted viewers,who identified themselves as 'friends of Dorothy'" (3).

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It turns out that top is 35,000 times heavier than up and down. On March 2, 1995,chubby chasers at Fermilab announced that they had at last found one. TheWorld-Wide Web page from which I gathered this information, by the way, offered methe opportunity to, quote, "Look at a real top event." (Believe me, I was tempted, but Iwas afraid to follow that link because of the Communications Decency

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Adams, Elizabeth T. (1994). "Driving Ms. Thang: Queer Stories and Space in Los Angeles." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Folklore Society, Milwaukee.