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There is confusion over whether the ban covers all plastic bags or only plastic bags under 30 microns. The 2009 law, which a NEMA official told Global Press Journal they are enforcing, does not mention a specific micron level. However, local news reports say the ban is only on plastic bags 30 microns and under. The NEMA Twitter account has posts that say it is a total ban and that seem to indicate the ban is at the 30 micron level. A 2012 report from the Committee on Natural Resources says 2010 regulations “almost exempted all the plastic/polythene bags.”

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For a bit of history and other details about plastic bags, here's a piece looking back to 2008 when my brother banned free plastic from his own stand at the Evanston Farmers Market.

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Beginning August 1, a that bans most retailers from offering their customers the option to carry out their goods in traditional plastic bags. The new law aims to cut down on the negative impacts of pollution caused by common improper disposal of these bags. This ban follows in the footsteps of other big cities that have enacted similar laws, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Here are some things you need to know about the ban before it starts next month, as well as some ways for you to prepare for it:

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In April the National Environment Management Authority began enforcing the ban saying recycling efforts weren’t sufficient. NEMA has since been confiscating the bags in supermarkets and closing factory divisions that manufactured them. Twenty factories have closed their plastic-bag divisions since April. There were 47 manufacturers in Uganda before the ban was enforced. Most continue to produce agriculture bags or other bags not prohibited by the law.

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Uganda is one of more than 20 African countries to ban plastic bags, to varying success. Rwanda imposed a ban in 2004, and that ban still stands. Kenya’s first ban, imposed in 2007, failed, and a second one, banning certain thin bags, went into effect in 2011. Enforcement of bans vary widely on the continent, and in some countries, bans aren’t enforced at all.