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This essay is about improving health. IELTS offer one option which is exercise. That is an opinion offered by them. We agree with this opinion but also think there are other ways to gain health such as a good diet. It is still on the topic of how to improve health. You must learn to identify the main issue in the essay question in order to present relevant main points.
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This brief essay is intended to help professionals who want to get involved with the practice of microcurrent therapy and microcurrent electro-acupuncture in wading through the often confusing information encountered when investigating this subject. By its very nature, electro-therapy tends to be difficult to understand for most health professionals. Few have training in electronic theory and parameters, physics or the Universal Laws of energy that clinical success or failure are based on. Most manufacturers of clinical stimulation devices offer very limited training and instruction, based on simplistic and relatively ineffective techniques of application. I’m sure that the intentions of the people who write electro-therapy training manuals is to keep the information as simple as possible, but the vast majority of the instructions given consist of placing electrodes right over locally painful zones and stimulating these with currents that are usually way too strong for optimal response.

Backround of the Armenian Genocide

Which type of Academic writing is the most common in IELTS? Is that Opinion essay?Thanks

This essay has the purpose to give a prospective of the information society as one where technologies play an indispensable role in economic growth and in social work.

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However, While watching your advanced writing opinion essay balance approach video, I realize a problem and I am not sure if the grammar of the sentence is correct.
‘Offering everyone free university education is problematic and, therefore, should be offered to certain individuals’.
Isn’t the second part of this sentence becoming offering everyone free university education should be offered to certain individual?

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Can you please answer my first question?
Is it required to add outline statement for introduction part in essay -2 after paraphrase and thesis statement?
I mean in one sentence, What examiner will read in rest of the essay .

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If the essay question is too long, paraphrase the key topic and issue only. Then write your thesis statement as usual. Having an introduction of 50 or 60 words is possible but certainly any longer is a waste of time.

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Hi Liz,
First of all, thanks for the wonderful site; it is one of the main sources I am using to prepare for IELTS.
I have a question regarding the background statement. Do I have to open with it or I can keep it to the second sentence and open with a general sentence leading to the background statement.
For example. in the topic of the public transportation and the metro. I thought that I may open in the following way:
Modern cities are becoming more and more crowded nowadays with the rapid increase in its population. One of the solutions to face this crowdedness is to use public transportation instead of relying heavily on private cars. In Shanghai for example, the Shanghai metro is the most convenient and the fastest way to get around the city.