'Excuse me, but I gave you communion.'

One of film's true misanthropes, Clouzot directed two of the most successful and fondly remembered French films of the 1950s, but the majority of his work was unfashionable even before his death.

 1. Faithfulness to the spirit of the works they adapt; 2. The talent they put into the task.

American cinema of the time also offered the French audience alternative views of psychological and artistic interpretations." [Expanded Academic Index]

The priest follows her. Chantal points to the missal she left there.

'But you must have confessed yesterday since you took communion this morning.'

For the iconic car chase in the 1968 classic "Bullitt", two Mustangs were used. The first was known as "The Hero Car" because it was the one driven by Steve McQueen in the iconic film. The second car was known as "The Jumper Car" because it was utilized for the amazing stunt scenes. The latter car was located last year in a Mexican junkyard. However, the vehicle driven by McQueen remained elusive until recently when it was revealed that it had been purchased by a New Jersey insurance executive in 1974 for a mere $6,000. McQueen made two attempts to buy it from the owner, Robert Kiernan, but the offers were refused. Kiernan as he drove the Mustang locally until 1980, putting 30,000 miles on the odometer. Kiernan died in 2014 and the car, which had been kept in the family garage, has been restored by the family and is estimated to be worth millions today. For more and .

2. A very marked predilection for profanation and blasphemy.

A recent survey by the Paris mayor's office recorded that over 700 films are shot in the city every year, bringing economic benefit as well as new perspectives.

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The writer considers the role of the cine-club in film culture, with reference to Cléo from 5 to 7, Agnès Varda's chronicle of the movements through Paris of a beautiful, self-absorbed singer anxiously awaiting the results of a medical test, which was assessed by over 2,000 cine-club viewers who received questionnaires." [Wilson]

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As early as the 1920s, the cine-club had played a key role in French film culture, promoting film to the status of art, fostering an awareness of film history, and promoting noncommercial films.

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Regular gatherings that brought people together to watch and discuss film, cine-club elevated the film culture of the public and contributed to the renewal of French cinema, observed Alain Resnais.

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In Vagabond, the story of a young woman who has dropped out of society to wander around the French countryside, Varda brilliantly reverses ingrained habits of viewing images and experiencing narrative, revealing her continued preoccupation with the dialectics of the narrative film versus the documentary." [Wilson]

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Belonging to a dominated group can contribute to explaining the concern some female directors express regarding discrimination and violence, be it social, sexual or ethnic."