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After I finished a draft of this essay in the spring of 2001, I emailed a link to it to some JFK assassination researchers, to get their feedback. The next thing I knew, somebody kicked it into a JFK assassination forum and then an Apollo Hoax forum became aware of my work and invited me to submit it to them. That led to some rewarding exchanges. Regarding the lack of athletic feats performed on the Moon, I lamented that although Neil Armstrong said that he leapt up to the third stair of the LM when leaving the lunar surface, the best record we had was Young’s mundane jump-salute. replied that it might have been possible to see Armstrong’s leap in the film. I got the footage, looked at it, and Jay was right. I still find it amazing that the footage of Armstrong’s leap was never mentioned in all the long years of debates. I must have seen it live in 1969, as did many millions of other people, but it was a forgotten feat. That evidence sealed it for me. Neil Armstrong performed that leap on the Moon.

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What is in this huge volume of declassified files? As one essay put it, there appears to be "." Certainly anyone expecting an internal government report detailing what "really happened" was in for a disappointment. But the released files included a great deal of interesting stories and revelations, some of them quite startling. These include a number of surprising documents and interviews which support the idea of a medical cover-up of a shot from the front, much more detail on Oswald trip to Mexico City, revelations on CIA's monitoring and fear of the Garrison probe, and much more, including a wealth of detail on many of the characters known to JFK assassination researchers.

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There are numerous lines of JFK evidence to pursue, which could easily take a person’s lifetime. This essay will deal with just one aspect of the JFK assassination evidence in detail, and people can make up their own minds regarding the truth of the issue, and see if it is worth pursuing further.