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The most vociferous defender of Pope Francis’s remarks has been the . Unfortunately, as has become his wont in recent years, Shea completely ignores the actual arguments of his opponents and instead attacks straw men, indulges in attacks, and drags in political controversies with which he is personally obsessed but which have nothing to do with the debate over capital punishment.

My argument is that: 1) Capital punishment is not an effective deterrent for heinous crimes.

REALLY – this is an argument of substance….how come the Lord commands for many types of sins in His First Covenant through Moses, that capital punishment, or just killing, is to be done according to His Omniscent and Holy Will?

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It was evil because Christ was innocent. It was not evil because it was capital punishment. Our Lord was the innocent Lamb Who suffered and died to restore our relationship with God, and He laid down His life voluntarily, which means that He cooperated with the violation against His Law of killing an innocent man. Seriously, I am no fan of the death penalty, but your arguments are disturbingly weak and ignore entire passages of Scripture where God positively commands the death penalty be done by His people. Remember the ban on the Amalekites? Saul lost God’s favor because he failed to carry it out as commanded. David later did what was commanded, which increased his favor with God. Mark that: David was rewarded for carrying out a Divine command of capital punishment on an entire people. If it were intrinsically evil, God could never command it, let alone reward the one who did it.

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The second argument is whether society has an obligation to enforce capital punishment; thirdly, whether the death penalty is a means of vengeance or a means of justice; lastly, one of the most controversial discussions, is whe...

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Other papal statements on the death penalty by Leo X (1520) and Pius XII (r.1939–1958) do not qualify as infallible pronouncements. The argument that the moral legitimacy of capital punishment has been taught by the universal ordinary magisterium is not convincing. According to , 25, all of the bishops in communion with the Roman Pontiff would need to manifest universal agreement that the legitimacy of capital punishment must be definitively held by all Catholics. Until recent decades most Catholic bishops did not issue statements on the death penalty. The episcopal statements that have been issued since the 1990s express strong opposition to the practice (cf. Bromberg, op. cit. pp. 125–127). In n. 64 of the of the 2105 Synod of Bishops, the bishops express their firm rejection of the death penalty, and Pope Francis incorporates this firm rejection in n. 83 of his 2016 post-synodal exhortation, . There are over 5,000 Catholic bishops in the world today. I think very few, if any, would hold to Prof. Feser’s thesis that the acceptance of the moral legitimacy of the death penalty is a requirement for Catholic orthodoxy.

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The argumentthat Jesus as the incarnation of divine love cancels the appropriatenessof capital punishment in the New Testament era has little to commend it.