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The mission of the Beaverton School District English Language Support Program is to implement researched instructional approaches that ensure English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening and are in compliance with Federal and State Guidelines. English language proficiency is defined as the acquisition of language functions and grammatical forms in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Instructional approaches which foster English language proficiency include a rigorous, thematic curriculum which is inclusive of students' unique backgrounds and cultures, group and individual learning opportunities, and intensive language development through reading and writing workshops.

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This year-long course is designed to engage seniors in critical analysis and enjoyment of literature. Through talking and writing about complex literature, students deepen their understanding of how writers use language to enhance meaning and engage audiences. They write essays in and out of class. In these ways, they prepare for the Advanced Placement exam in English Literature in the spring. Those who pass the exam may qualify for advanced credit at various colleges and universities. Because of this, students in this course are expected to meet college- level expectations. .

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This course is aligned with the Oregon State Standards for Language Arts. The course is designed and taught for the beginning English Language Learner. Through the use of a variety of strategies and curriculum design, students have access to the same content as Literature and Composition 9. The combination of language, content, learning objectives, and the creation of comprehensible input, improves student understanding and proficiency in Language Arts skills. Access and support for learning will be provided by both the Language Arts and ESL departments.

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The term sheltered refers to the strategies used to provide access to a given curriculum. Through the combination of language, content, and learning objectives, the goal is to create comprehensible input, improve student understanding and proficiency, and to demonstrate higher levels of achievement in skills for the given content area.