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What you should do for your business: Start to produce more live videos on Instagram Stories. You can also broadcast live workshops and webinars on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

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Indeed, Obama’s celebrity-media/identity-politics/community-organizing model brought him more new voters than the old voters he lost — but so far, his new political paradigm has not proven transferable to any other national candidates. No wonder that over the eight years of the Obama administration, Democrats lost the majority of the state legislatures, the governorships, local offices, the Senate, the House, the presidency, and, probably, the Supreme Court.

The financial services sector is THE target for cyber-criminals.

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What you should do, if Social is a fit for your business: Start by developing a Social strategy. Then start posting images and videos on Instagram Stories.

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Face filters (as known as artificial intelligence lenses) grew popular in the last years and will continue to be in 2018. The filters initially were widespread through Snapchat as well, but they will keep increasing with Instagram and Facebook stories.

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Sure enough, the dog ears filter is the most popular both on Instagram and Snapchat. Since then, taking pictures with a face filter has become a daily activity for most active users.

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The biggest advantage for advertisers is the possibility of posting links on Stories’ posts. Nowadays, the only way of posting an URL on Instagram is by having one permanent link forgotten on the profile page or through paid ads. With Stories, it’s possible to share websites and external sources to increase organic traffic and generate leads.

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No field of Marketing changes more than social media. With the new generations coming, it becomes harder to predict how the landscape will change. However, a few trends will set the mood for 2018. Maybe not all of them are a fit for your business, but if social is already part of your strategy, you should consider taking advantage of these trends:

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Donald Trump has been given a great gift in that his gaffes are seen by most Americans in the context of an obsessed and unhinged Democratic-media nexus. He is pitted against a new fusion party of media elites and aging political functionaries, who all believe that America should operate on their norms, the norms of Washington, New York, Hollywood, and Malibu — all places that symbolize, to most Americans, exactly how the country has gone wrong.