The novel's main theme deals with free choice and spiritual freedom.

‘The novel-form itself (whatever it is; it is undergoing so many changes) seems to me to be the only viable imaginative form. If I were capable of it, I should like to write a novel that has the surface of pure entertainment (capable of being taken as easily as an Ian Fleming thriller) but, underneath, essays all the new-wave devices imaginable, getting away with them because of the solidity of the surface structure. In other words, I want the novel to be Shakespearean. It is dangerous for it to close in, as is happening in France, on the intellectual level, and to open out into the mere sex-and-violence-glorifying best seller. We have two fictional extremes at present; I want the extremes to meet in a single work of universal appeal, compact of action, psychology, ideas, as well as symbolism and poetry.

His masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange, is unrivaled in obvious depth, insight, and innovation.

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Alex is tormented by his new state of oppression.

Burgess knows that it is better to choose to be evil, than to be forced to be good.

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These articles focus on particular aspects of Anthony Burgess’s life and work, including his biography, novels, music, films, and religious beliefs.

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These articles focus on particular aspects of Anthony Burgess’s life and work, including his biography, novels, music, films, and religious beliefs.

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The International Anthony Burgess Foundation is an independent educational charity that encourages public and scholarly interest in all aspects of the life and work of . Browse the site for more, and to find out about our continuing international programme of publications, research projects, public events and activities of all kinds.

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It is also his most controversial work. A Clockwork Orange was his eighth novel and was Published in 1962. Although this was among his best Works, he had his own thoughts on it. In an interview done In 1981 in «Modern Fiction Studies» Burgess was quoted, «I'm not particularly proud of A Clockwork Orange Because it has all the thoughts I rail against in fiction. It's Didactic. It tends to pornography.» John Anthony Burgess Wilson died in 1993 and will always be remembered by the Remains of some of his classic works.

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Burgess was often asked to contribute to reference books about the contemporary novel. Here are two examples from books in our collection, in which he talks about his work and his development as a writer.