perceptions of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The last intangible effect of the World Cup comes from the enhanced international perception of a host country/city. With vast international exposure via media during the World Cup, a host country becomes the focus of the international community. Convenient transportation systems, impressive security and advanced facilities in a host nation—all highlighted by media broadcasts—would enhance the perception of a country significantly (Maennig& Porsche, 2008). The perception of Germany, for example, has been enhanced in other countries according to Allmers and Meannig (2009), where “The erstwhile image abroad of Germany as ‘hard and cold ... not a nation much associated with warmth, hospitality, beauty, culture or fun’ was improved through the World Cup” (p.35). This enhanced national image will, according to UC-Berkeley professors Spiegel and Rose (2010), increase international trade and investment in the host country. Specifically, they point out that the flow of capital quickens during the period of bidding before the World Cup, because, during the bidding phase, the demand of infrastructure investment is extremely large.

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The FIFA World Cup, as one of the most prestigious sporting mega-events in the world, is often assumed by potential host countries as highly profitable. Current research, however, suggests that the economic growth experienced by these host nations due to the World Cup event is lower than expectations. Specifically, a number of economists assert that no observable short-term economic growth exists within the tourism, retailing, accommodation, and employment sectors of host countries (Allmers& Maennig, 2009; Matheson, 2012). As for the long-term impacts, some scholars insist that the World Cup cannot boost the four sectors listed above (Fedderson, Grotzinger and Maennig, 2009), while others argue that other beneficial factors, that do not affect the host countries in the short term, generate economic profits for host countries in the long term (Maennig, 2007). Some scholars even critique this claim, however, arguing that the new factors won’t bring profits to host countries (Matheson, 2012).

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1 pm: Sure enough, having riffed on ITV's general haplessness in the title department, their effort this time round is gorgeous. Fantastic lilting music... sing Africa sing... When You Come Back by Vusi Mahlasela... the Fifa World Cup Trophy... Lionel Messi being drenched in what can only be described as a golden shower. I hope to God I didn't just dream that. "It's like Christmas morning when you're a kid," says ITV's new anchor Adrian Chiles. He's right. This is the World Cup, ladies and gentlemen. Hairs are standing on the back of my neck. Could this be the first time ITV give BBC a kicking at the World Cup since 1970?