My African-American Hero: Maya Angelou

To getto the Outer Banks example, you will have to take the quiz and get it right!The other five regions given do not correspond exactly to regions on my map,although they are all Lowland Southern. The Southern Highlands example given isLowland Southern, not Inland Southern.

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Today, some people are claiming Taino genes and an intact ancestral culture, and some academics and scientists are taking their claims seriously, while others see . A big problem with genetic ancestry claims, and trying to make them cultural claims, is that during the period in question, the 1500s, the Spanish invaders and the African slaves were mostly men, and native women would have been the primary source of Caribbean mothers. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down through the mother, and the studies that have detected American Indian mitochondrial DNA in the Caribbean peoples, Puerto Rico in particular, are probably showing the survival of the native concubines and “wives” of the 1500s. Once the Caribbean population passed through the bottleneck of the early 1600s, the mitochondrial DNA would reflect those Taino mothers, or even those brought from the other islands and mainland.

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º According to , these two vowels are actually pronouncedthe same, and are more properly represented as a neutral weak diphthong . They may be right for many speakers, andare probably right for me in many cases, but no other dictionary that I havefound agrees with them. They are probably right for most Southerners, andpossibly for most Britishers.

Mostly like , but some similarities to Greater New York City.

After sailing along the coast of Cuba, asking about gold and riches, Columbus reached the island that he named La Isla Española, on December 6, 1492. and the Dominican Republic are on that island today. It was the first place that Europeans permanently colonized in the Western Hemisphere.

Many vowels like Greater New York City, but no r-dropping.

As usual, the natives fled when they saw the ships. Columbus and his men had to work hard at convincing the natives of their friendly intentions, especially when they had captured natives aboard. As they sailed along the coast, their reception was either friendly or the natives fled. Columbus began to understand the political order and discovered that men called caciques were leaders of some sort. It was a hereditary office.

A lot like Greater New York City, but more research needed!

In 1981 Maya Angelou was appointed to a lifetime position as the first Reynolds Professor of American Studies as Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Dr. Angelou has written twelve books including the best seller A Song Flung up to Heaven. She has also written numerous magazine articles earning her a Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award nominations. . In January 1993 she became only the second poet in U.S. History to have the honor of writing and reciting original poetry at a presidential inauguration for Bill Clinton. Maya Angelou has been called "America's most visible black female autobiographer" by scholar Joanne M. Braxton.

In many ways is intermediate between Northern and Southern.

In conclusion Maya Angelou is my hero because she never let the things that happened in her life stop her from following her dreams. She turned the bad things in her life into resources to help encourage others. Her poems and books are popular with young and old. She has inspired African American women to pursue their dreams, ambitions, and to stand strong for their beliefs, no matter the odds against them.