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The American Dream is a persistently celebrated aspect of American society; however Fitzgerald draws from his own life experiences in order to convey that this promise is false. The personification of Daisy as the American Dream; the issue of meritocracy; Myrtle’s death; the image of the green light; and the manner in which Gatsby is denied entry into the elite class, all evidently reflect the significance of the invalidity of the tacit promise of the American Dream. This issue is so surreal and grave not only because the American Dream is false, but mainly because this ideal has been passed down from generation to generation of Americans. This issue is rearing its ugly head with the 99% protests and recent statistics, which prove that our economic environment is very sticky. In other words, the upper class stays in the upper class, and the lower class stays in the lower class, which clearly presented in The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald’s conclusion about the American social classes is unsettling, yet evidently accurate, because of the current social unrest and inflexibility that has been occurring recently in this so called promised land.

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