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Of course, Kevin Spacey's character finds out that what seems to be rosy at the beginning often isn't. A romance in New York as a drug dealing couple might well be quite brief, for a variety of reasons. The film lacks the guts to go all the way in its portrayal of these shattered and hopeless relationships, while "Happiness" puts the pedal to the metal. "American Beauty attempts to provide some context and meaning to its story with narration, but it doesn't work. I suspect that if you have to resort to narration to try to explain the real meaning of a film, the film has already failed.

In Sam Mendes’ award- winning film American Beauty, these roses can be found throughout.

There are some new ideas, however, and I don't mean the old saw about the most violently homophobic people being latent homosexuals themselves. "American Beauty" is also that rare American film that abandons the war on drugs and openly endorses drug use as a way to enhance a person's physique and sex life. That definitely sets it apart from the crowd. Also, the boob count is higher than it is in most movies about the meaning of existence. In those instances, it does push the morality envelope.

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Besides the roses, each character involved is chasing after their version of American beauty.

I think "Happiness" is a much better film and is a lot more daring (O.K., if you want a superior film made this year how about "Fight Club"?). While "American Beauty" preaches standard Hollywood social values and doles out superficial social criticisms that date back 50 years, "Happiness" does not preach at all, it simply tells a number of complicated, interwoven stories, and tells them very well. In the process of telling these stories it produces bizarre characters who seem a lot more real than the "ordinary" people in "American Beauty."

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America over time has reached a level that depicts beauty as an unrealistic and unachievable model of the “perfect beautiful girl.” According to research by Shelly Grabe, Janet Shibley Hyde—both staff of the Department of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison—and L....

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The ideal beauty in America is not so different from the ideal beauty of cultures around the world and follows many of the traditions practiced throughout history.

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Prufrock, and American Beauty Disillusioned and disenchanted, both Arthur Miller's Willy Loman and American Beauty's Lester Burnham share sexual frustrations and a dissatisfied longing for their respective pasts, but Willy, like T.S.

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This suggest a disunity between the both of them. Again, something is separating the both of them, such as the age gap. Not including the absence of decoupage and ellipsis is important in this scene. Absence of decoupage requires a decelerated pace. A slower pace would take away from the chaotic sensation that decoupage brings and; therefore, would not reflect well on the relationship-to-be between Angela and Lester. Using ellipsis would require fast-paced cutting that would compare and contrast the actions occurring in this scene with another scene. This would disturb the scene and take away its effectiveness. By showing the degree of passion between Angela and Lester in his fantasy; the audience learns much about Lester's intentions and transformation. The usage of sound adds to the effectiveness of both Angela's moves and Lester's thoughts in this scene. The scene begins with Jane, Angela, and the other cheerleaders dancing to a wordless version of "On Broadway." This is parallel diegetic sound because it relates to what can be seen on screen. The usage of this song is important to the theme of this movie. Lester is about to embark on a mission to be free. Lester is going to pursue happiness. In the same way, "On Broadway" is about pursuing a new experience. "On Broadway" speaks about coming to New York and being taken aback by all the lights and attractiveness of the city. In the same manner, Lester is about to be taken aback by an "American beauty", Angela. Further in the scene, through shot-reverse-shot fashion, only Angela and Lester are in the frame (they are shown separately); the song "On Broadway" and the crowd cannot be heard. This is an example of contrapuntal sound. Contrapuntal sound involves muting sound beyond what one would normally hear if he/she were in that scene.