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1. How would you define ahimsa—in terms of its (a) literal meaning; (b) prescriptive behavior—what we should do; and (c) proscriptive behavior–what we should not do. Find examples from the article.

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4. The parable is short and simple, and does not appear to offer any solution or means of “salvation” or enlightenment out of this forest full of perils and traps. What might be the Jain answer for eliminating one’s bad karma?

Essay on Criminalisation of Politics in India

3. The monk seems to warn against pleasures —the rare “drops of honey.” Is pleasure folly and distracting, as the monk seems to infer? In formulating your “philosophy” of pleasure, how would you address seeking pleasure in a world of poverty and suffering?

Why the Greatest Advocates of Nonviolence Didn ..

2. Is the monk’s interpretation or explanation fatalistic? Explain. Second, put yourself in the prince’s place. Do you think the monk persuaded him? Would he have persuaded you? Explain.

A Happy Married Life: A Buddhist Perspective

After reading the above parable, and viewing the illustrated slides, answer these five questions:
1. Ultimately is this the fate of human existence—a brief, brutish existence full of toil and strife with few rewards and pleasures? How would you interpret human existence?

From the Buddhist point of view, marriage is neither holy nor unholy

5. Write your own brief parable to offer a similar or a counter example / alternative parable to the one relayed to the prince. Or if you like, expand on the monk’s parable with a possible “way out” of the dilemma of our accumulated negative karma