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It is, of course, quite true that bits and pieces of the mediaeval traditionstill linger, or have been revived, in the ordinary school syllabus oftoday. Some knowledge of grammar is still required when learning a foreignlanguage--perhaps I should say, "is again required," for duringmy own lifetime, we passed through a phase when the teaching of declensionsand conjugations was considered rather reprehensible, and it was consideredbetter to pick these things up as we went along. School debating societiesflourish; essays are written; the necessity for "self- expression"is stressed, and perhaps even over-stressed. But these activities are cultivatedmore or less in detachment, as belonging to the special subjects in whichthey are pigeon-holed rather than as forming one coherent scheme of mentaltraining to which all "subjects"stand in a subordinate relation."Grammar" belongs especially to the "subject" of foreignlanguages, and essay-writing to the "subject" called "English";while Dialectic has become almost entirely divorced from the rest of thecurriculum, and is frequently practiced unsystematically and out of schoolhours as a separate exercise, only very loosely related to the main businessof learning. Taken by and large, the great difference of emphasis betweenthe two conceptions holds good: modern education concentrates on "teachingsubjects," leaving the method of thinking, arguing, and expressingone's conclusions to be picked up by the scholar as he goes along' mediaevaleducation concentrated on first forging and learning to handle the toolsof learning, using whatever subject came handy as a piece of material onwhich to doodle until the use of the tool became second nature.

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Students enrolled in Advanced Writing / Connect conduct research that relates to the economic, cultural, technological, and environmental impacts of a public issue or debate in order to reach a greater understanding of the University Studies Program's signature questions.English 300, Advanced Writing / Connect, will use the three signature questions of UWO’s University Studies Program (USP) as tools for analyzing, researching, and composing arguments about contemporary public issues:Students compose a minimum of 6000 words during the semester, of which at least 2500 will be based on sustained analysis and researched of a significant topic or issue. Researching, writing, and revising multiple drafts of a final 1800-word researched essay will comprise the final unit of the course.

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