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A daycare center does not need so many occupations to be fully staffed. Aside from the Administrator, who is usually the owner of the center, and the Childcare Director, a daycare center needs only preschool teachers, teacher assistants, child care workers, and office and administrative support like clerks, building cleaners, cooks, and drivers. There could also be a number of volunteers but they usually come and go depending on their availability to work and the need for workers in the daycare center.

Daycare centers’ staffing requirements are imposed by the State and by the insurance companies. While requirements vary from state to state, generally teachers must be at least 18 years of age and the Administrator and the Program Director must be at least 21 years old. Most states require teachers, teacher assistants and child care workers to complete a certain number of hours training every year in addition to the criminal record checks required of every staff member of the daycare center. Most states have the required minimum educational or training requirements for all the staff members beginning from the Administrator or Director who gets the most stringent requirement down to the child care workers and the support staff.

Daycare Center Managers

Comprising a mere 4 percent of the industry’s workforce, Administrator and Child Care Center Program Director establish the overall objectives of the daycare center. They set the standards for service and instructions to be carried out in the center, provide day-to-day supervision of the teachers, teacher assistants, child care workers, and volunteers in the daycare center. The Administrator and Program Director share the responsibility for program development that improve the over-all performance of the staff in the center, as well as designing the marketing plans and strategies of the business aspect of the daycare center. They also take charge of other functions such as budgeting, staffing, and the day-to-day supervision of the staff.

An adult woman is diapered in a daycare for adult babies and diaper lovers.

Assistants and child care workers are usually required to have a high school diploma, and in some cases, a combination of college education and experience in dealing with young children. They may also be required to have training in early childhood development. In addition, they are also required to undergo training on health and first aid, fire safety procedures, and child abuse detection and prevention. In many cases, daycare centers hire only workers who are credentialed by a nationally recognized child daycare organization.

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Office and administrative support
There are a myriad of activities and tasks in the daycare center that must be performed by a host of workers other than the teacher, teacher assistants and child care workers. The office must be staffed by clerks and receptionists who can attend to the needs of the parents, visitors, and those inquiring about enrolling their children in the daycare center. There are no specific requirements for office clerks other than the usual qualifications required of any office workers. They must be familiar with basic computer functions, must be adept at filing documents, and must be able to handle telephone calls and inquiries from the public.