Video Game Addiction, Obsession, or Habit: How Much is …

Scientists and treatment providers are not the only ones with a problem when the meaning of addiction is fuzzy. The average citizen will find that, without a clear definition of addiction, the distinctions among an array of human characteristics (e.g., interest, dedication, attention to detail, craving, obsession, compulsion and addiction) will remain blurred. Finally, the contemporary conceptual chaos surrounding addiction must be resolved to clarify the similarities and differences—if these exist—between process or activity addictions (e.g., pathological gambling, excessive sexual behavior) and psychoactive substance using addictions (e.g., heroin or alcohol) (Shaffer, 1997).

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by understanding how the obsessive "romantic" relationship of the addict to his addiction is supported and defended by the mental defense mechanisms of denial, paranoid projection, rationalization, minimization and justification, an answer emerges in response to the question posed at the beginning of this paper:

Video Game Addiction, Obsession, or Habit: ..

for me to see this young man at various stages of this obsession and/or video addiction and, ..

Like an ordinary lover, the addict is obsessed with the object of his love, misses it when separated from it, exaggerates its positive qualities and minimizes or ignores its negative qualities.